Corporate compliance

Breaches of the legal framework governing companies may entail personal liability on the part of the natural persons responsible for the management of the legal entity and even lead to proceedings in a criminal court. At the same time, in the event that specific breaches come to the attention of third parties, irreparable harm may be caused to the company’s image and reputation.

It is mostly taken for granted that corporate behavior is consistent with the laws and provisions in force, but sometimes it is not (particularly at the present time when key legislative acts relating to taxation, employment and social security are subject to constant change).

Corporate compliance begins with an assessment of the risks and omissions to which a company may be unwittingly exposed, followed by specific steps to redress any problems within the proper legal framework.

The services provided by AP & Generalis cover the scope of the entire law governing companies, with a special focus on:

  • Competition (antitrust) law

  • Labor law

  • Consumer protection law

  • Personal data protection law

  • Environmental law

  • Economic criminal law


  • Our firm provides advisory and legal services to a German multinational active in Greece in the field of robotics and automation, so as to ensure compliance with Greek corporate, labor and tax law.
  • Our firm provides advisory and legal services to a Greek manufacturer of metal structures and machinery, so as to ensure compliance with Greek corporate and labor law.