Private Property

Are you planning to purchase a second home or a holiday home in Greece? We can help you. Ask us about locations with developed infrastructure, good airport access and reasonable value-for-money options.

Additionally, when buying land in Greece you want to ensure that the purchase proceeds without any unexpected surprises by knowing a few basic facts:

  • During the notarization of any property purchase agreement in Greece, both the buyer and seller must be represented by legal counsel.

  • AnkerIn Greece, the national land registry (cadastre) is currently in the development phase. Only certain areas are fully covered. In all other (uncovered) areas property is registered at the local land registry bureau.

  • Properties listed on the books of Greek land registry bureaus do not always generate public trust (i.e. the purchase of a non-entitled property), unlike, for example, in Germany, nor do they have the accuracy and completeness of a National Land Registry.

  • In border areas and for security reasons, a special permit may be required for the purchase of property.

Prior to completing a property purchase agreement it is essential to check the legal status of the property as it arises from the cadastre. According to Greek law, this inspection can be carried out only by a lawyer.

Our team will advise you and comprehensively explain – in Greek, German or English – all of the issues pertaining to your impending property purchase in Greece:

  • We will carefully examine the legal status of the property in local land registry bureaus to ensure its smooth acquisition.

  • We will assist you during the purchase negotiations and represent you in the drafting of the purchase agreement, which is signed in the presence of a certified notary.

  • We will check whether the property (in case of land) can be built upon.

  • We will undertake the collection of all required documents or permits, and make sure that everything is in order for the contract signing.

  • We will take care of the registration of the deed of sale at the land registry, which, according to Greek law, completes the transfer of ownership.