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Greek Law Firm
Athanassiadis Anagnostopoulos Generalis
Chr. Lada Str. 1
GR-10561 Athens

phone: +30 210 3239800
fax: +30 210 3239801

VAT ID: EL997585740

Supervisory authorities, titles and professional regulations:

All the lawyers of the Athens office are members of the Athens Bar Association/Greece (Akadimias Str. 60, GR-10679 Athens, Tel. +30 210 3398102-3, Fax +30 210 3610537, and are subject to the following professional regulations:

  • Kodikas Dikigoron (Greek Lawyers’ Code)
  • Kodikas Deontologias Dikigoron
  • CCBE

The content of the above-mentioned professional regulations can be provided upon request.

Dr. Nikolaos Athanassiadis, Dimitrios Generalis, Ioannis Anagnostopoulos, Despina Chatzipolichroni, Ioanna Generali, Violetta Ioannidou, Athanassia Sioundri, Eirini Manthati, Panagiotis Chatziioannou, Rosita Spinasa and Anna Agadakou hold the professional title “Δικηγόρος” (Dikigoros) granted by the Republic of Greece.

There is a liability insurance for the law firm.

Dr. Nikolaos Athanassiadis and Dr. Günther Sammer are also members of the Berlin Bar Association (Littenstraße 9, 10179 Berlin, Germany, Tel: +49 30 3069310, Fax: 030/ 30 69 31 99,

Despina Chatzipolichroni is also a member of the Cologne Bar Association (Riehler Straße 30, D-50668 Cologne, Germany, Tel. +40 221 973010-0, Fax +49 221 973010-50,

Dr. Athanassiadis, Ms. Chatzipolichroni and Dr. Günther Sammer also hold the professional title “Rechtsanwalt” (Attorney at Law), which is awarded by the Federal Republic of Germany, and are subject to the following professional regulations:

  • Federal Lawyers’ Act (BRAO)
  • Professional code of conduct for lawyers (BORA)
  • Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG)
  • CCBE

The content of the aforementioned professional regulations can be viewed at the Internet address

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