A trademark distinguishes a company and is an important asset

AP & Generalis provides a full range of services for the registration of trademarks at a national, European and international level. More specifically, we undertake:

  • Comprehensive trademark search (national, European, international)
  • Registration of national, European and international trademarks
  • Registration of collective trademarks
  • Trademark monitoring
  • Trademark assessment
  • Opposition proceedings in the event of trademark infringement, applications for identical or similar trademarks and trademark piracy



  • Our law firm completed the necessary checks and registration process for the trademarks of a large Greek company engaged in the manufacture of metal structures and machinery on a national, European and international level and particularly in the USA and Turkey.
  • In cooperation with a law firm in China, AP & Generalis provided advisory services to a Greek manufacturer in the aluminum sector in the matter of the registration of a patent in China, USA and India.
  • Our law firm provided advisory services, involving the registration of trademarks, to a large advertising and film production company active in Greece, Serbia and countries of the European Union.


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