Inheritance Law in Greece

The loss of a loved one creates feelings of sorrow and emotional tension. At the same time however, we also face various legal issues which we are unable to handle, since they often require specialist knowledge. Particularly in cases of sizeable estates or the inheritance of property or bank accounts outside Greece, the issues involved can be handled only by lawyers with the relevant expertise.

When a Greek citizen dies in Germany, leaving behind a spouse who resides in Greece and two grown-up children who live in France and Germany, along with property in Greece and Germany as well as bank accounts in a non-EU country, the heirs soon realize that the handling of the legal and tax matters must be assigned to a specialized law firm.

Entrusting the process of inheritance acceptance and the handling of related tax affairs to AP & Generalis :

  • releases clients from the time-consuming communication with public services in Greece and abroad
  • ensures through the network of that the inheritance is handled in the best possible way by specialized colleagues on a global level
  • assures that the bequeather receives all possible tax reliefs and exemptions
  • guarantees that all inheritance issues are settled in such a way that obviates the need for future modifications and reclassifications of the assets, thus avoiding unnecessary conveyances that are costly in terms of time and money.

In all cases, our law firm recommends that succession be arranged by the bequeathers themselves while they are living, in order to make the most of tax exemptions and minimize the financial burden of inheritors. To this end, we offer advice regarding any acts that must be performed, such as:

  • Donations inter vivos
  • Parental gifts
  • Conveyance of property
  • Transfer of rights (occupancy, usufruct, bare ownership)

which we work on jointly with our associated tax consultancy and notarial office.

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