Energy Industry

Thanks to its geographical location and climatic conditions, Greece has excellent sites for the production of energy from renewable sources.

In the past decade, this, the comparably high kW prices, especially for photovoltaic systems, as well as government subsidies have led to lively interest from domestic and foreign investors. This has resulted in considerable delays in the granting of permits.

Due to the economic situation in recent years, subsidies were cancelled and kW prices were reduced considerably. At the same time, licences have been issued in simplified procedures. Currently, due to the reluctance of Greek banks to lend, the financing of projects is the main problem of the sector.

The economic situation of recent years calls for growth. In an effort to exploit its own locational advantage, Greek policy for the period up to 2020 is focusing on growth stimuli from the photovoltaic, wind energy, geothermal and bioenergy sectors.

Together with our network, our team accompanies numerous foreign companies from the energy sector in their investment in Greece, especially in the following areas:

Support in the implementation of renewable energy projects, (wind farms, photovoltaic plants, biomass plants, hydropower and solar thermal plants)

  • Drafting of contracts under public and private law,
  • EPC contracts in Greece
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Letter of Intent
  • Legal and tax due diligence


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