Company formation, ongoing support and provision of advisory services during the succession process

You are an entrepreneur, manager or legal adviser of a company that is planning to expand to Greece. You need an initial picture of the particularities of the Greek market and reliable answers to your questions, as well as an adviser in Greece with in-depth knowledge not only of your own market but also your target market, one that can provide tried-and-tested solutions within a reasonable time frame.

At AP & Generalis we offer our services to foreign companies interested in expanding to Greece, from the initial exploratory stage through to formation (of an agency, branch office, independent subsidiary) or expansion through acquisition, including all matters relating to day-to-day operation and long-term planning until completion of business succession. In our detailed information brochures (German and English) you will find straightforward answers to the most common questions about the applicable legal and tax framework, as well as the various stages of the processes involved. 

If you have more specific questions concerning the branch of activity, country of origin or particularities of your company, the partners of our law firm will be at your disposal to answer them and offer you the optimal solutions based on their long professional experience in Germany and Greece. We are familiar with all the necessary steps and have already prepared the most important forms and documents in bilingual versions (Greek-German or Greek-English) which will be required in each stage. This enables us to provide our services faster and more efficiently, saving time that we can then devote to resolving more important, more specific and more complex issues.

In addition to the combined experience of the partners and associates at our offices in Athens, Thessaloniki and Berlin, we can also draw on the collective experience of the DIRO network  which has members in 29 European countries and is represented in Greece by AP & Generalis in the field of business law. In matters of legal consultancy, corporate housekeeping and topical issues, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, we work on Europe-wide solutions on behalf of our principals in the German-speaking DIRO network, from which your company too can benefit, whether it is under formation or already operating.

In the case of Germany based companies, we are able to provide our advisory services in person at our offices in Berlin. It is also possible to arrange the direct drafting and authentication of the most important legal documents required for the formation or operation of your company (e.g. powers of attorney, company decisions, etc.) at our associated Notarial Office in Berlin (

The provision of advisory services in matters of Greek business law is our core area of expertise, where we have already worked out the optimal solutions for each phase of your company’s formation and growth in Greece.

Our informative pamphlets in German and English will provide you with a good overview of Greek business law at a practical level.


The experienced team of AP & Generalis are at your disposal at any time, ready to provide their specialist and bespoke advice at our offices in Athens and Berlin, and of course by telephone or video conferencing (Teams, Zoom, Skype).