Legal Tech, new technologies and innovation

Only very few companies in Greece – and even fewer law firms – constantly stay abreast of exciting new developments in the field of Legal Tech. At the present time, insurance companies and start-ups are developing and implementing innovative technological solutions for many segments of the Greek market.

If you are a law firm or a company in the field of Legal Tech abroad, which has developed technological solutions applicable to class actions or standard contractual relationships, you may already be looking for a partner in Greece which has acquired extensive, hands-on knowledge of the relevant areas of law and can offer you creative solutions for innovative online products.

At AP & Generalis, together with our partners in the field of information technology, we are developing solutions to optimize your internal workflows, as well as Legal Tech products for our clients. At the moment we are developing a Smart Contract product for the Greek market. This product, which will soon be available under the brand name Easycontracts, will offer our clients economic, customized solutions in the shape of pre-prepared contracts, forms or procedures which can easily be adapted to their particular needs. 

We are therefore very familiar, from experience, with issues relating to the legality or otherwise of providing legal advice online, the compliance of existing platforms with the precepts of Greek legal order or the relevant case law, but also issues concerning the operation of such web portals, and we will be happy to offer you our services if you are investing in this fluid and still-evolving sector. 

AP & Generalis has already represented foreign clients for the following specific projects in the fields of Legal Tech and Technology & Innovation:

  • Standard monitoring of air passenger rights in Greece on behalf of an international web portal
  • Legal status of cryptocurrencies in Greece
  • Drawing up of standard contracts and adaptation of marketing and exclusivity contracts between companies and influencers
  • Online competitions as a marketing tool: examination of their legality and formulation of a legally acceptable framework.

The experienced team of AP & Generalis are at your disposal at any time, ready to provide their specialist and bespoke advice at our offices in Athens and Berlin, and of course by telephone or video conferencing (Teams, Zoom, Skype).

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