New guide on the subject: Change of the managing director of a company in Greece

AP & Generalis, together with the German-Greek tax law firm Sigalas and Partner, advises German-Italian group of companies on the acquisition of a hotel complex as an asset deal on the island of Sifnos. 

The joint advice on Greek corporate, real estate and tax law includes among other things:

  • Due Diligence of the property
  • Coordination of the technical inspection of the property with the architectural firm Plan OE 
  • Review and takeover of the employment contracts of the staff of the hotel complex


Preparation of contracts

  • for the takeover of inventory and equipment
  • the takeover of trademark rights
  • the settlement of pre-emption rights with owners of neighbouring properties
  • as well as domains, social media accounts and marketing accounts


The advice was provided in cooperation with the German and Italian tax advisors and the legal department of the group.