AP & Generalis advises international group on the implementation and establishment of a unified payment system for public charging stations for electric vehicles

Electromobility is also on the rise in Greece. The legal framework for electric mobility has been established recently, primarily through Law 4710/2020 (“On the establishment of the legal framework and infrastructure of the electric mobility market”), which entered into force on 23.07.2020.  Subsidies for electric vehicles and charging stations, tax incentives, as well as the regulation of the new electric mobility market are in the main focus of the new Greek electromobility law.

Issues related to the establishment of public E-charging stations, the integration of charging stations into international payment schemes, as well as issues related to the implementation of requirements of the relevant energy and energy trading law have since then been one of the main areas of legal advice.

In 2020, our team advised an international group on the implementation and establishment of a European cashless payment system (fuel cards) for public charging stations for electric vehicles. With the assistance of our German-speaking tax advisors, we were also able to provide interdisciplinary advice on all relevant issues of Greek tax and energy law.

Our advisory services covered in particular the following issues:

  • Implementation and application of the EU regulation for charging stations in Greece;
  • Legal opinion on various issues concerning the organization of the electromobility market in Greece;
  • Requirements of the Greek law on the compliant display of prices at charging stations;
  • Review of general terms and conditions for consumers and corporate customers of charging stations;

Our team will be glad to advise you in the fields of energy law, electromobility and renewable energies in Greece.