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European Network: DIRO, EUCONNEX, ARROWS

Business law in Europe: Consider the scenario in which there have been board changes at your company’s head office which are impacting the management of your Greek subsidiary, or similar changes have been made in a Greek parent group which must now be implemented at its subsidiaries in the rest of Europe. Or perhaps your group is planning to introduce new bylaws on a Europe-wide level and requires their uniform and valid implementation in the various member states. For these and many other matters, which arise for companies active throughout Europe, AP & Generalis, as an active member of three major European networks, is the ideal law firm for you.

AP & Generalis in the DIRO and DIRO Business networks

We are one of only very few law firms in Greece which, in cooperation with our partners in the DIRO network, is developing European solutions for the rapid and effective implementation of corporate decisions in more than one EU member state. Through the DIRO Business network, we have developed similar European solutions also in the field of corporate housekeeping. 

Through the Corporate Administration Hub of the DIRO network, AP & Generalis – as the only member of the DIRO Business network in Greece, offers its clients a centralized and standardized solution for the efficient processing and execution of iterative group management procedures. Adapted to the needs of medium-sized companies, the solution offers fixed-price service packages, as well as extra services that may be provided – as required – at an additional charge.

The DIRO Business network is represented in Greece by AP & Generalis. The network was set up specifically to enable the integrated provision of legal advisory services to European companies. We provide advisory services on topical issues such as:

  • Recommendations and responses to defective performance in national and international contractual relationships



AP & Generalis in the EUCONNEX network

AP & Generalis has for a number of years been a member of European Construction Law Networking Experts (EUCONNEX). 

The main aim of this network of law firms active in the field of construction law is to ensure compliance with quality assurance standards in construction contract awards across the EU, as well as the scientific study and elaboration of construction law issues. The network is used not only for the promotion of legal services, but also their certification and coordination at a Europe-wide level. Thanks to their engagement in the field of construction law spanning many years, all network members have the experience required to successfully handle even the most challenging construction law cases in their respective countries.  


AP & Generalis in the ARROWS International network

AP & Generalis is a founding member of the ARROWS International network of law firms and, as the only member in Greece, covers all of Central and Eastern Europe through its network of partners.

ARROWS International is a network of independent law firms seeking to provide quality legal services at a Europe-wide level. The network extends across the following countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA. Through the ARROWS International network, we are able to provide our high-level services not only in Greece but also in the other countries of the network.


The experienced team of AP & Generalis are at your disposal at any time, ready to provide their specialist and bespoke advice at our offices in Athens and Berlin, and of course by telephone or video conferencing (Teams, Zoom, Skype).