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Welcome to AP Generalis - Welcome to AP Generalis - your Greek business and law firm in Athens and Berlin

With us you will find the right German and Greek lawyer in Greece. Our experienced team of German and Greek lawyers in Athens and Berlin specializes in companies and private individuals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We advise you bilingually in all areas of Greek commercial law as well as in labor law and Greek inheritance law.

Whether it concerns the establishment of a company, employment law matters or the purchase or inheritance of real estate in Greece – with us you will receive fast and uncomplicated advice from a German-speaking lawyer in Greece.

For your investment project, ongoing advice for your company or the enforcement of your rights and claims in Greece, we offer you valid solutions and innovative full-service solutions from experienced lawyers in Germany and Greece. Our solid cooperation with other German or German-speaking companies, such as civil engineering and architectural offices, notary’s offices as well as real estate and expansion consulting companies, enables us to offer you comprehensive support.

The lawyers at AP Generalis are available for personal consultations in Athens or Berlin as well as for telephone or video consultations via Teams, Zoom or Skype at any time.

You can rely on our many years of experience and our commitment when it comes to your business law, employment law, inheritance law or real estate law matters in Greece. If you are looking for a reliable partner and contact person, our German lawyers in Greece are at your side.

Contact us today to solve your legal challenges professionally and effectively. We look forward to helping you!


Business law in Europe: Consider the scenario in which there have been board changes at your company’s head office which are impacting the management of your Greek subsidiary, or similar changes have been made in a Greek parent group which must now be implemented at its subsidiaries in the rest of Europe. Or perhaps your group is planning to introduce new bylaws on a Europe-wide level and requires their uniform and valid implementation in the various member states. For these and many other matters, which arise for companies active throughout Europe, AP & Generalis, as an active member of three major European networks, is the ideal law firm for you.

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